In Bulgaria folklore and dancing are integral parts of life. From generation to generation, through dance we express our national cultural genius, and celebrate our heritage with love and respect. Folk dancing represents the essence of Bulgarian history, culture and life.

Traditional dance is an excellent medium for appreciating other folk arts such as music, song, storytelling, embroidery, weaving and other handcrafts. We synchronize them with the music, feel the stories in the songs’ lyrics again and again, and re-enact history in our dancing steps. Dancing is an expression of the aspirational Bulgarian character — free and beautiful, strong and enduring, intense and relaxed, agile and dexterous, wise and humorous, desirous and joyful.

The Bulgarian choreographer, Daniela Makedonska, has formed the Children’s Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble for ages 5 to 15. This once a week class educates children about Bulgarian culture, language, geography, customs, traditions, musical instruments, songs, dances, folk proverbs, and games. In addition to having fun with peers and their teacher, children also develop the ability to work and perform together both in the studio and on stage.

Please feel free to visit us at the LaVida Dance Studio during any Sunday rehearsal.