Hopa Trop Folk Ensemble performs Bulgarian dances and songs from all folklore regions of Bulgaria. Our mission is to preserve the Bulgarian culture and traditions among our community in Greater Seattle area.

Our repertoire interweaves the harmony of the authentic dance with the centuries-old rituals to portray the Bulgarian freedom-loving spirit in its world of rich traditions and customs.

Our performances bring joy and energy to every community event, cultural day at school, and wedding party. Contact us If you are planning the perfect event, and would like to add a cultural touch to it.

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Hopa Trop Children's Ensemble

For children from 5 to 14 year old who want to learn and perform Bulgarian Folk dances and songs.

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Hopa Trop Folk Ensemble

If you love Bulgarian folklore and would like to perform on stage – Hopa Trop Ensemble is just for you!

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Dance with ''Nazdrave''

Join our “Horo with Nazdrave” – an informal class for those who want to dance for fun with friends and family!

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Artistic Director and Choreographer

Daniela Makedonska

“With boundless dedication, inspiration and love, I teach my students Bulgarian dances and songs and the traditions of our ancestors.  I plant in their hearts the love for our folklore and homeland, and I help it grow. My greatest satisfaction is to see the harmony and confidence in their steps, their trust in each other, their friendships; to see them proud of our heritage, spreading their love and joy to our audience.